Systexx AcousTherm

Suitable for use in homes, offices, schools, hotels and restaurants, Systexx AcousTherm Wallcovering is designed to create a pleasant atmosphere to work and relax in, by reducing noise levels and increasing the wall surface temperature.

This unique wallcovering offers Sound Absorbing Properties which meet the requirements for sound absorption class E, and all from a 3mm fabric. As reverberation is lessened, indoor noise levels are reduced, leading to a far more pleasant environment and increasing the ability to concentrate and relax.

Walls that are plastered or covered with an ordinary wallpaper let heat out which, in turn means it takes an extended time to warm the walls and the room. This is especially the case when a room is not in use all day. Systexx AcousTherm can bring rooms to a comfortable temperature 4 times faster, saving energy and reducing heating costs.

To add to the benefits of this fabric, it is strong, bridges cracks and provides long-term protection against new damage. It can be painted with a high quality emulsion without losing any of its unique properties. It is also Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic, an important factor in this day and age.

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