Systexx Active FireProtect

Every second counts in evacuating a building in the event of a fire, because it is not only the fire that is dangerous, but above all the rapidly spreading smoke. Legislation states that heavily frequented facilities, in particular, must provide adequate protection to allow sufficient time for evacuation in the event of fire. Systexx Active FireProtect offers the highest fire resistance classification, which can add crucial minutes for escape.From 2011 the EU introduced EN13501 series of standards with regard to creating a uniformed Fire Tests Basis.  Systexx FireProtect meets these tests with a Fire Resistance Classification of A2-s1,d0.

This means that:

  • It is non-combustible (A2)
  • In the event of a fire a very limited amount of smoke may develop (s1)
  • There are no flaming droplets (d0)
  • Systexx Active FireProtect is a system, and to achieve the A2 classification has to be hung with the correct adhesive and finished with a suitable paint system. We can offer advice as required.

As well as being Non-Combustible the FireProtect product will reinforce walls and offer high levels of impact resistance, making Systexx Active Fire Protect the go to wallcovering for use in heavily frequented areas in Public Buildings and Multi Occupancy Social Housing.

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