Case Studies

VPP200 creates the perfect picture for world-famous auctioneers Bonhams

A fleece wall lining made from compressed glass yarn was used to help international art auctioneers Bonhams create a smart 21st Century finish inside its historic new salesroom in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

The VPP200 Pro Plus Pigment glass fleece lining allowed Bonhams to turn back time in the 300-year-old building by covering up damaged plasterwork that would have been too labour intensive to give a smooth finish to using normal lining paper.

Bonhams moved into its new premises, a Georgian townhouse with a large Victorian extension, in 2007 and wanted the building to mirror the look of its salerooms in London and New York.

This involved creating a crisp finish for its front of house area, including two first floor sale rooms, where the works of art being offered for auction are hung and a larger sale rooms on the ground floor.

Time, however, had taken its toll on the building and when the lath and plaster walls were stripped of their original covering, it revealed a multitude of sins.

Decorator Joe Farrell, from Glasgow-based PDS Caledonia, however, suggested using the VPP200 Pro Plus Pigment, which is more durable than traditional lining paper and superior at covering imperfections and cracks.

“There was a lot of crumbling and cracking on the walls,” said Joe. “We knew we would have to make good beforehand, but I was sure that the glass fleece could really help to give a smooth finish.”

VPP200 Pro Plus Pigment is produced in rolls, like normal lining paper, but is supplied with the first coat of paint already integrated into the glass lining fleece, saving a whole stage in the decorating process.

It is also easier to apply – adhesive can be spread on the wall, not the back of the covering. This, combined with the structure of the material, makes it easier to move across the substrate and into position without it rucking up or tearing.

What’s more, the covering will help to maintain the crisp look in the future. Its structure means that it is tough enough to withstand accidental damage – a particular benefit to Bonhams, where large exhibits are lifted on and off the walls on a regular basis.

The glass fleece is durable and low in elasticity, so that when it is used in conjunction with suitable adhesives it strengthens the substrate and prevents new cracks from appearing. It contains no chemicals and, once painted, is fire rated to Class “O” standard. Its breathability also meant that it was well rated for a building of this age.

Miranda Grant, managing director of Bonhams in Edinburgh, said: “This was a massive project and I am delighted with the excellent finish that has been achieved. “The walls were in a bad way, and it is amazing how they look as though they have been totally replastered, when that is not the case at all.”

“Glass wall coverings have proven time and time again that they can create an excellent finish while protecting the walls at the same time. “We are confident that Bonhams will continue to see the benefits of using VPP200 for many years in the future.
Chris Sheppard, sales manager for The Glass Fabric Company