Glass Fabric Reinforcing Mesh

Our comprehensive range of glass reinforcing mesh fabrics, and mesh/mat composites, offer manufacturers solutions that bring reinforcement and stability, high diagonal strength, along with minimal organic content, and smooth finishes.

Reinforcing mesh offers major benefits when applied to any plaster system, either internally or externally. Within the likes of EWI systems, or where high quality, crack resistant, long lasting results need to be achieved within internal walls or ceilings.

Also used for reinforcement within polystyrene and mineral wool systems. Great for use within bitumen roofing membranes or acoustic panels. Not forgetting cement and foam core board products too.

Products can be produced to meet specific requirements. Such as low PCS values and supplied up to 3 metres in width.

Glass reinforced foils are also now available.

If you have a demand then GFC can offer you an engineered solution.

The quality of the EWI mesh was amazing and the accreditation certainly gives us peace of mind.