We are used to seeing glass used in windows, but when it is manufactured in the form of yarn and woven into a fabric, it gives walls an unbeatable finish to meet even the most exacting standards required by architects and specifiers.

Not only that, but it is hard-wearing – resisting the kind of wear and tear that would quickly leave its mark on painted plaster walls or wallpapered surfaces, requiring a costly redecoration process.

Easy to apply and straightforward to clean, glass fabrics are designed for the long term, offering an attractive and cost-effective solution that puts all other wall coverings in the shade. They can also create design statements of their own with a huge array of textured finishes, while our magnetic products even create walls that can double as notice boards, without, pins, nails or sticky tape.

And all of this is backed by the GFC pledge to offer effective solutions accompanied by full training and excellent customer service.

It doesn’t matter how good you are hanging lining paper, they all start pulling at some stage, but the VPP200 hung very easily.